Rhythm Kids (4+)-Fall

In the Zoom Room (location info)
Thursday, 4:00 PM
10/01/20 - 11/26/20 (9 weeks)


Rhythm Kids, for children 4-9 years, is a unique program that features drumming, dancing, singing and rhythmic games. Children will experience traditional and adapted rhythms from around the world and be given opportunities to create, cooperate, and express themselves. They will learn to play in an ensemble, learn multicultural drumming patterns, develop a repertoire on various percussion instruments, play creative games based on rhythm, music and drumming, create their own rhythm patterns and find their drumming style.

Featuring the African djembe, children experience a myriad of activities specifically designed to increase their musical knowlege and abilities. 

Upcoming Meetings
11/05/20    4:00 PM Thursday 11/05/20 4:00 PM
11/12/20    4:00 PM Thursday 11/12/20 4:00 PM
11/19/20    4:00 PM Thursday 11/19/20 4:00 PM
11/26/20    4:00 PM Thursday 11/26/20 4:00 PM